Persian cat litter box training

They are the most recognizable of all cat breeds. The Persian cat’s eyes also need attention. Persians come in many patterns and colours listed below. Persian Kittens sometimes available for sale. We focus on breeding true to type PKD free quality cats.

Quality Persians from exceptional bloodlines. Our kittens are well loved and socialized. Catsan Hygiene Cat Litter is lightweight and non-clumping. Natural chalk and quartz grains absorb odour before it can develop and inhibit bacteria formation. Pet supplies at their very best for you! Catsan Hygiene cat litter has a special feature, especially developed to match your cat’s natural needs — hygienic white quality grains.

Individual grains of fine chalk and natural quartz sand soak up fluid like a sponge, ensuring a pleasant and dry cat tray. They inhibit bacteria formation and absorb odours before they can develop. Catsan Hygiene ensures long-lasting odour-protection, making it a real favourite with cats. Catsan Hygiene’s natural chalk and quartz grains give this quality litter a hygienically clean colour and let you rest assured about the absence of all dangerous fibres and other unsuitable substances. Catsan Hygiene is the only cat litter that offers hygiene plus extra mineral protection for especially reliable and long-lasting odour prevention! Catsan Hygiene cat litter — absorbs before the odour can develop. A cat litter that ensures your cat’s well-being!

It’s this simple: Fill your cat tray with at least 5 cm of Catsan Hygiene. Remove stools daily and occasionally shake the cat tray to mix up the litter. Completely change the cat litter at regular intervals. This prevents odour produced by the heating up of liquids locked in the grains. Lightweight non-clumping cat litter especially developed to meet your cat’s high hygiene standards. Natural chalk and quartz grains absorb odour before it can develop and inhibits bacteria formation. Purrfect :»I have 2 cats using this, and one of them has Big issues with litter trays.

I have 2 cats using this, and one of them has Big issues with litter trays. Def no smell ,poop,scoop and flush. We read the other reviews about Catsan smelling but made the mistake if trying it anyway. We were so wrong and wish we stuck with Cats Best. The smell is absolutely awful and lingers throughout the house. The fact we have 2 healthy cats who eat good quality food and have their litter cleaned regularly didn’t make a difference, it still smelt awful.

It may be OK if your cat only uses the litter tray once in a blue moon but definitely not for regular use! Having realised how awful this is has made us realise how great Cats Best is. Not happy with this at all. So glad to have finished it. It smells and trails badly. It kinda does the job but it reeks!

Also I use antibacterial deo powder. Still though, stench is not bearable! I think cheap, antibacterial litter from Tesco did much better job, though if anyone knows cat litter that locks the odour for at least three days then, please, let me know! We always use Catsan for an XXXL litter box and rarely have any problems. Urine gets soaked up and no real smell. Been using it for years and will continue to do so. I’m in total agreement with all the other reviews on here that say this stuff stinks. I bought it because the manufacturer claims that it’s hygienic and absorbs smells. I hated it from the start. It left my house reeking and I felt embarrassed about people coming round. I’m so relieved it’s now all gone and I can replace it with my usual order. I read the reviews and i decided to try it . After 3 days it started smelling really bad. Best cat litter I’ve tried. If your one is smelling I can only assume you are not cleaning the litter tray often enough and your cat has a bowel problem.